What is Ultratex?

So what is Ultratex? Ultratex is a gluten-free, multi-functional, highly dispersible, instant thickening starch for use in both hot and cold applications. Ultratex is a must have product for any kitchen. Ultratex is an extremely versatile, high performance, thickening starch. It can be applied to both hot and cold liquid preparations until the desired thickness is reached. It is a tasteless, colourless and gluten free powder. Suitable for Vegan’s and Vegetarian’s, Non GMO, Gluten Free and Halal friendly.

Here’s an interesting application for Ultratex to give this Gribiche Purée a delicate smooth texture. Ultratex brings the whole thing together, yielding a firm, stable purée. Check out the videos below courtesy of www.modernrecipes.co.uk

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