What is Modern Gastronomy?

The term Molecular Gastronomy was popularised in the media by a number of top chefs as they spread the word about their culinary innovations. The likes of Ferran Adria (Elbulli Foundation), Heston Blementhal (The Fat Duck) and Grant Achatz (Alinea). But it does date back to 1992 when the term was first used by Oxford physicist, Nicholas Kurti, to describe a cooking workshop in Erice, Sicily given by Elizabeth Cadry Thomas.

Today, molecular gastronomy is commonly used to describe this new form of culinary style, using the power of nature and science to develop new and exciting concepts. Other terms used for this new style of cooking include ‘scientific cooking’ and ‘molecular cooking’ , both of which describe the actual application of scientific methodology and approach to cooking taking place.


Inside the modernist cuisine kitchen

Check out how modern gastronomy is transforming the landscape inside the modernist cuisine kitchens in the video from TESTED.com. Our visit to the Modernist Cuisine laboratory-kitchen begins with Maxime Bilet preparing two light dishes for us: a fresh take on Mexican Elote and a pea pistou using ingredients extracted with a centrifuge.