Vegan Ingredients

Modern cuisine embraces vegan ingredients

Modern gastronomy is at the forefront of this exciting, ground breaking and even controversial culinary movement. Influential chefs like Ferran Adria, Heston Blumenthal, Grant Achatz, Tomas Keller and Rene Redzepi have blazed a trail with their avant-garde creations, development of new techniques and use of specialist ingredients, that have now become accessible for use in home kitchens.

How does all this fit with vegan ingredients?

Vegan ingredients have helped to level the playing field for vegetarian cooks, with almost all of the new molecular ingredients being vegetarian and vegan. By breaking with traditional meat and fish main elements, and by demonstrating that dishes can be built up in variety of ways and be exciting and of the highest standard.

It is especially true in vegan cooking that a creative and imaginative approach is needed which has opened up an exciting new range of possibilities for chefs and diners alike. It’s an exciting time for vegan cooking, as creatively and intelligently mixed vegan ingredient are playing an important role in taking modern vegan cuisine to new heights. 

Modern vegetarian cuisine

Veggie Chef

Eddie Shepherd is an award winning modern vegetarian chef, cookbook author and development chef.

Being at the forefront of modern vegetarian cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature and uses innovative techniques vegan ingredients to create exciting, unique food that contrasts the wild and natural with controlled technique, precision and a modern aesthetic.

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 Vegi Gel ®

Vegi Gel ® is a natural vegetarian and vegan friendly setting / gelling agent, ideal for use in a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes including soufflés, jellies, mousses, cheesecakes, terrines, flans and pies. Works well with all types of diary, milk and soya. Produces clear gels. Vegi Gel has a setting temperature above room temperature in order to achieve a fast set. Vegi Gel is a natural Vegan and Vegetarian friendly alternative to Gelatine. Suitable for Vegan’s and Vegetarian’s, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Halal friendly, Kosher friendly.

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