So what is Ultratex? Ultratex is a gluten-free, multi-functional, highly dispersible instant thickening starch for use in both hot and cold applications. Find out more in our blog post – What is Ultratex?


What is Ultratex used for?

Ultratex is a must have product for any kitchen. It is an extremely versatile, high performance, thickening starch. It can be applied to both hot and cold liquid preparations until the desired thickness is reached. It is a tasteless, colourless and gluten free powder. When added to a liquid it disperses quickly and evenly without lumping.

Uses For Ultratex

Perfectly flavoured sauces, drinks, gels or any other liquid can be thickened to an ideal texture and consistency without compromising the flavour. Simply add 1-5% for instant thickening, hot or cold. If you’re looking to create the perfect fluid gel or stock, it is very quick and easy. Just add to vegetable or fruit juice, milkshake, smoothies, stock, sorbet, cream, or any flavoured liquid. Ultratex is also freeze thaw stable and prevents the leaching of liquids.

Carrot And Cardamom Tuille Using Special Ingredients Ultratex