Modern Gastronomy

Many chefs prefer to use the term modern gastronomy or modern cuisine to describe the style of cooking called molecular gastronomy. Molecular or modern gastronomy has been developed to embrace the latest ideas and innovations in cooking to bring you new ingredients. Molecular gastronomy kits are a great way to discover modern cuisine for this modern style of cooking that combines the power of nature and science.

Want to try some molecular gastronomy?

The major challenge is finding good molecular cuisine recipes complete with good explanations and photos that show you how it’s meant to look. Courtesy of molecule-r here’s some great videos and ideas to help get you started. if it’s vegan ingredients or vegan recipes then visit our blog for our latest post.

Having reviewed many kits and researched a vast array of recipes together with speaking to Chefs, this molecular gastronomy Chef kit, is designed to be all you need to get you started. With the innovative Chef and modernist cooking in mind, use your molecular gastronomy kit to enjoy new dishes using the ingredients supplied, whilst discovering the kits new recipe ideas. show you each step including how finished dishes are supposed to look. Then when you learn the basic principles behind each recipe and technique you can be creative and come up with your own dishes.


It brings the world of molecular gastronomy direct to your kitchen and makes modernist cuisine possible – be inspired with this kit as it’s designed to teach you various techniques to get you started. With this kit you can learn how to make molecular spaghetti and learn how to improve texture and consistency. Master the spherification and reverse spherification techniques or for the more adventurous, create Caviar Pearls or Fruit Bubble. Achieve the impossible, turn liquids into stable foams or make heat resistant jellies and create liquid centred spheres. Try the recipes, push your limits and enjoy the resul

What’s inside the Modern Gastronomy Kit?

Why not push the limits of gastronomy with this kit and get a taste of what it would be like to join the worlds leading Chefs, Restaurants & Manufacturers in the industry at the forefront of molecular gastronomy. Here’s what you can expect inside your kit:

Recipes & Instruction Cards: Spherification, Reverse Spherification, Spherification Tips, Apple Caviar, Balsamic Vinegar Jelly, Frozen Chocolate Foam, Pea Caviar, Lemon Sorbet, Tomato Spaghetto, Cardamon & Yoghurt Sphere with Mango, Spherical Creme Brulee, Deconstructed Tiramasu. More about Molecular Gastronomy Kit…

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