Modern Gastronomy Chef Kits

Having reviewed many kits and researched a vast array of recipes together with speaking to Chefs, this molecular or modern gastronomy Chef kit, is designed to be all you need to get you started. 

Our Modern Gastronomy Chef Kit has what you need to get started in the The World of Molecular Gastronomy. Learn how these techniques can be used in Modernist Cuisine. Discover new techniques that can be used to create innovative dishes.

  • Learn Spherification & Reverse Spherification techniques

  • Create Caviar Pearls / Fruit Bubble

  • Create liquid centred spheres

  • Turn liquids into stable foams

  • Create heat resistant jellies

  • Learn how to make Molecular Spaghetti

  • Learn how to improve texture and consistency


It brings the world of molecular gastronomy direct to your kitchen and makes modernist cuisine possible – be inspired with this kit as it’s designed to teach you various techniques to get you started. With this kit you can learn how to make molecular spaghetti and learn how to improve texture and consistency. Master the spherification and reverse spherification techniques or for the more adventurous, create Caviar Pearls or Fruit Bubble. Achieve the impossible, turn liquids into stable foams or make heat resistant jellies and create liquid centred spheres. Try the recipes, push your limits and enjoy the results.

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