Flavour Drops

Flavour Drops are premium quality water soluble intense flavours which can provide you with an exceptionally efficient method of adding flavour. Flavour drops are highly versatile and concentrated multi-use food and liquid flavourings. They are economical too, because Flavouring Drops are highly concentrated they can be used sparingly 1-2 ml is ample to flavour about 1 litre of base liquid. And each 30ml flavouring bottle contains approximately 800 drops.

Flavour drops disperse easily

Flavour drops are water-based rather than oil-based which means they disperse more easily in most foods and drinks. Flavour drops are especially good at flavouring Cakes, Icings, Fondants, Ice Cream, Sorbet, Cupcakes, Pastry, Salads, Sauces, Frostings, Ganaches, Deserts, Cocktails, Drinks, Creams, Wines, Beer, Water, Sweets and more. Flavour Drops can also be used to increase the top notes of the dish without changing the texture of the original product. Over 40 flavours available.

Highly concentrated, these flavours can be easily diluted to impart flavour into any mix where liquid can be added.  They offer a great degree of flexibility regarding the level of flavour required, allowing you to create exciting dishes bursting with full flavour or offering more subtle hints of flavour tones.

Use these fantastic flavourings to increase the top notes of the dish whilst preserving the texture of the natural product.

Tobacco Flavour Drops

Introducing tobacco flavour drops for cocktails a new flavour drops that are an easy and convenient way of achieving flavour without having to resort to extracting it from the leaves themselves. Because they are very highly concentrated, very little is required.

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What’s your flavour?

From flavouring cakes, to cupcake and icing, pastries to salad sauces, creams and drinks we’ve got flavour drops to suit your every need and bring your food alive. Molecular gastronomy at it’s finest and remember you only need 1-2 drops to transform your recipe with our exceptional flavours. They are versatile too, being water soluble to disperse more easily. Talk to us today about your requirements and we’ll help enhance your cuisine in a drop or two.

FLAVOUR DROPS: I love this flavouring, will definitely be buying more flavour. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. Bhanmattee Sukul, London