Crackle Crystals

Our Crackle Crystals are premium quality carbonated sugar coated with tasteless cocoa butter to stop them popping till eaten. Used by professional chefs to provide a mouth popping sensation. Molecular gastronomy transforming tasty cuisine into mouth watering delights!

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Crackle Crystals add a new dimension

Crackle Crystals can add a new dimension to desserts, cakes, sweets. Ideal for decorating and flavouring: Cakes, Mouses, Ice Creams, Sorbets, Jellies, Cupcakes, Patisserie, Deserts, Cocktails or they can just be enjoyed as sweets and there’s 8 flavours available!

CRACKLE CRYSTALS: “I would give a rating of 10+++ will use again, thank you.” MRS KATHLEEN LAMBROU, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE.

LEMON CRACKLE CRYSTALS: “Bought back childhood desserts an extra twang…or nice to eat on its own. Lots of lovely flavours. Will be trying strawberry and orange soon. Lemon one I ordered is yummy.” sharon leane FORDINGBRIDGE

CHOCOLATE CRACKLE CRYSTALS: Poptastic! Fantastic product! Suzanne Dilly, NUNEATON