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Special Molecular Gastronomy

Molecular gastronomy is cuisine for a modern style of cooking, combining the power of nature and science to develop new and exciting ingredient that take advantage of many of the latest ideas and innovations in cooking.

Special Ingredients are all about Molecular Gastronomy and supply the finest quality food ingredients and flavour drops flavourings to the trade throughout United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide.

Innovative Cooking

Due to the range and quality of our products, we believe molecular gastronomy cuisine, can now be enhanced to help propel your cuisine with new ideas, such as flavour dropspectin and crackle crystal, including agar and lecithin. With our established reputation for pushing the limits of gastronomy, we have built a customer base which includes some of the worlds leading Chefs, Restaurants & Manufacturers in the industry.

Our pledge is to always offer you the most innovative molecular gastronomy by providing the latest ingredients in modernist cuisine to bring you great tasting food every time and at the best price.

Latest Ideas – Calling all bartenders, check out Special Ingredients latest tobacco flavour drops for cocktails.

Great Tasting Cuisine

We are passionate about molecular gastronomy and how fine cuisine can be transformed in to great dishes by blending science and nature to combine the finest quality ingredients we can source at the best value. If you are looking for new ideas consider modern gastronomy. If you want to enhance your cuisine or want to try something new or perhaps try us as a new supplier, we are waiting to help you and hope we can share our passion for the great tasting food today. Check out some great ideas for vegan recipes made from our collection of vegan ingredients.


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“Awesome products that works as intended and you don’t need a lot, so it’s good value for money.” Kevin Doran, Cheltenham