What is Modern Gastronomy?

About Modern Gastronomy - or Molecular Gastronomy is commonly used to describe this new form of culinary style, using the power of nature and science to develop new and exciting concepts.

Modern Gastronomy Chef Kits

Molecular Gastronomy Reviews - Having reviewed many kits and researched a vast array of recipes together with speaking to Chefs, this molecular gastronomy Chef kit, is designed to be all you need to get you started. With the innovative Chef and modernist cooking in mind, with this kit, you can enjoy molecular gastronomy dishes using the ingredients supplied, whilst discovering the kits new recipe ideas.

What are Flavour Drops?

About Flavour Drops - Flavour drops or flavouring drops play a big part in modern gastronomy - in this blog article we find out what flavour drops are and where they are used.

What is Sodium Alginate Ingredient?

Sodium alginate ingredient is a flavourless gum used in foods to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier.

Tobacco flavour drops for cocktails

Now chefs and bar tenders can add the flavour of tobacco to food and drink without nicotine and tar..

Vegan Recipes

Check out these easy to make recipes inspires by modern gastronomy special ingredients that are all vegan.

What is Ultratex?

Ultratex is a gluten-free, dispersible and instant thickening starch for use in both hot and cold applications.